Wednesday, October 28, 2009

handmade card

continuing with my handmade pledge, i created this card to accompany the seed packet.  i also made one of those super-hip wrap mailing labels.  done and done.  this baby is on it's way to chicago.  i hope sara likes it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

grand central market

during a recent exploration of grand central market in downtown LA i had a tongue taco.  no joke.  this gentleman made it right in front of my eyes.  it was quite an experience.

that's my tongue.

the final product.  beautiful yet kind of yucky.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

seed packet project

so here we have my latest craft project. i have decided to do a semi-handmade thing (i know there is an actual handmade pledge, but i'm lazy sometimes so I’m not going to commit to that) wherein i make thoughtful, crafty, handmade gifts for my friends and family. i think this is going to help my creative process overall, requiring me to start planning earlier and be more patient. these are good things.

ok. so i’ve made a custom perennial mix seed packet. i created a template in InDesign and laid out a fun design, including care instructions complete with cute little icons. next steps – print, cut, score, fold and glue but not before filling the packet with seeds. i think this came out awesome.

i'm a terrible blogger

IMG_0331, originally uploaded by katy creative.
ok, i know i'm a terrible blogger. my posts are erratic and succinct. my creativity comes in spurts, my internet is spotty and i can be very lazy. i wish i were more diligent, but really, i'm ok with how things are going. i don't even think anyone reads this blog, so there is very little pressure. it's more of a way for me to see all the cool stuff i have done over the years. it's quite narcissistic, actually. my point is that I have no point. this is really just an excuse to post this cool picture i took of my sister recently.