Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm a terrible blogger

IMG_0331, originally uploaded by katy creative.
ok, i know i'm a terrible blogger. my posts are erratic and succinct. my creativity comes in spurts, my internet is spotty and i can be very lazy. i wish i were more diligent, but really, i'm ok with how things are going. i don't even think anyone reads this blog, so there is very little pressure. it's more of a way for me to see all the cool stuff i have done over the years. it's quite narcissistic, actually. my point is that I have no point. this is really just an excuse to post this cool picture i took of my sister recently.


Cat Scott said...

I read your blog and I think your posts are great. It's quality over quantity. Keep it up.

LIZ said...

I read your blog all the time. I get excited when you post something new. And when you don't, I like to search for the picture you took of Ella and me when she was a newborn. I miss you and this blog has always made me feel closer to you. -Liz