Thursday, October 22, 2009

seed packet project

so here we have my latest craft project. i have decided to do a semi-handmade thing (i know there is an actual handmade pledge, but i'm lazy sometimes so I’m not going to commit to that) wherein i make thoughtful, crafty, handmade gifts for my friends and family. i think this is going to help my creative process overall, requiring me to start planning earlier and be more patient. these are good things.

ok. so i’ve made a custom perennial mix seed packet. i created a template in InDesign and laid out a fun design, including care instructions complete with cute little icons. next steps – print, cut, score, fold and glue but not before filling the packet with seeds. i think this came out awesome.


Cat Scott said...

This piece is simply brilliant. Not many people possess the ability to envision such a complicated and multi-faceted project with such care and attention to detail. I think you have a future in package design!

alissa said...

That is a really lovely idea!